How to Locate and Run Outlook ScanPST.exe?

Outlook ScanPST.exe is inbuilt tool, which is developed by Outlook designers to repair Outlook PST file which has been corrupted due to any reasons. The PST file default location is varies according to Outlook version and OS on which you are using MS Outlook application. But inbuilt ScanPST.exe having some limitations, it cannot fix PST files having severe damage. Even to use this tool you need to be technically sound. Thus, it is unable satisfy completely as it can only solve problem with minor corrupted PST file even for which you need to be technically sound because, while finding PST file you may unintentionally delete it, also a wrong repair operation can lead to further corruption of your Outlook data.

So, to get rid of this kind of issues, technical experts has developed an advanced software called  “Scan PST Fix” which is capable enough to fix PST file having minor as well as major corruption issues. It can automatically scan PST location on your system and start repairing after finding the file. Scan PST Fix software having read only strategy which avoids directly repairing on original PST file and ensure you there will not be further damage or modification on original PST file. So, now you no need to be worry about how to locate ScanPST.exe location and how to run ScanPST.exe as you can simply download and this advanced Scan PST Fix tool without any prior technical knowledge to find and repair a corrupt Outlook PST file.

Circumstances when PST file may get corrupted and need to be repaired

  • Viruses on your system may damage your PST file and lead to corruption as a result Outlook data become inaccessible.
  • Improper Up gradation of Outlook application may lead to writing new PST file. As result old PST file may become unreachable.
  • Abruptly termination of Outlook application may damage your PST file and lead to large Outlook data loss.
  • Size of PST file is predefined by the Outlook application, when Outlook data tries to exceed the PST file size then it easily get corrupted.
  • Any error on network while sharing PST file may also lead to damage of PST file.
  • Using unreliable compressor tool to compress and split PST files to avoid exceeding PST file storage capacity.
  • Bad sector on your system may also hide PST file and lead to inaccessibility of PST file.

Features of Scan PST Fix tool:

  • The most exciting features of Scan PST Fix is its read only natures, which scans large PST files too, extract all information and store those newly created PST file.
  • This software repairs PST file and OST file to recover Outlook data with ease.
  • Capable enough to repair oversized PST file and splitted them in small pieces if needed.
  • After recovering Outlook data it provides you real time Outlook view by using default Outlook browser view.
  • This software having nice GUI, which makes repairing and recovering Outlook data without any effort.
  • No need any technical knowledge to use this software.
  • This software can fix PST as well as OST file which have been corrupted due to any reasons.
  • It can fix PST files created on almost all Outlook version including 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000.
  • After recovering Outlook data it creates PST file on 2003-2010 format which can be easily imported on any version of Outlook.

Simple Way of Recovering Data from Partition

When your partition gets deleted from the Windows system due to wrong operation carried out by you then do not think that data is deleted permanently and feel guilty for your small mistake as our software named My Partition Recovery is always there to help you out to perform partition recovery without any difficulty.

As partition provides may benefits over MBR like 128 partitions can be created on system, can keep back up copy of the files, it supports more than 2TB storage space, etc. so all Windows users prefer to have this partitions in their Windows system.To know more about creating partition click on this page. After knowing partition importance it is better to maintain it carefully rather than using long procedure after deletion is done. Hence it is better to know how partition gets deleted so that you can prevent it from that process from now on.

Reasons for loss of data from partition:

Unintentional Deletion Process: While resizing the existing partition using disk management utility, you may mistakenly click on wrong option and lose vital partition. This is the main reason for loss of partition from the Windows system. Disk management utility is responsible for creating, resizing or deleting any partition that is not in need.

Intentional Deletion: After using too many infected devices on the system, downloading data from untrusted sites, frequent power failure while Windows disk in use then it is obvious that all these reasons corrupt the header file of the entire files including partition files present on Windows system and make it corrupted and it always shows error message each time when you try to view it. To avoid this message you may wish to delete partition intentionally.

In case partition is lost from the Windows system due to any of the above mentioned reasons then need not worry as it is easily possible retrieve data from partition with the help of this My partition Recovery Tool. Along with restoring partition this application can perform many other tasks but whatever task is done it is executed perfectly as it designed by technical experts using advanced algorithms to perform all these accurately.

Outstanding features of My Partition Recovery Tool:

My Partition Recovery tool is one of top rated toolkit which is liked by many customers after executing partition recovery effortlessly.  This restoration wizard can retrieve all type of data such as zip files, documents, MS office files, Compressed files, images, etc. from the Windows system within few moments. You can recover partition on any version of Windows including latest version such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 at utmost ease. Apart from performing partition recovery this app can rescue data from flash drive, external hard drives, memory card, FireWire drive and from other storage devices on connecting it to Windows system in fraction of seconds.

This My Partition Recovery has an ability to retrieve partition that is deleted due to any scenario like hard disk failure, bad sectors, etc. It can restore partition of any brands of laptops such as Transcend, Toshiba, Dell, SanDisk, Lenovo, HP, Hitachi, Kingston, Fujitsu, Quantum, etc.  On using trial version of this app you can save all restored files on the basis of name, size , file type and date on internal hard drive or on CD or DVD.

Instant Data Recovery from LaCie External Hard Drive

LaCie is a French computer hardware company which is de-facto standard for producing external hard drives, optical drives, flash drives and computer monitors. LaCie external hard drive is one among the best storage devices available on the market. It can used stores large amount of data such as valuable documents, memorable videos, pictures, huge collection of songs, etc. LaCie external drive is user friendly and has a lots of advanced features such as good data transfer rate and security, reliability, portability, etc. Like other external drive, LaCie external drive is highly prone to data loss. Data from LaCie external drive may get lost due to various reasons like accidental deletion, power failure, etc. as a result of this data becomes inaccessible or unreadable.

In such case, the first query arise in your mind, how to recover data from LaCie external drive? Don’t feel panic! Recover Deleted Partition Software is the best tool to recover data from LaCie external hard drive with greater ease. This tool is capable of recovering data from other brands of external drive such as LaCie, Toshiba, Kingston, SanDisk, Sony, HP, etc. without any assistance.

Common Scenarios that may Lead to Deletion or Loss of Data from LaCie External Hard Drive:

  • Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, while you accessing data from LaCie external drive, you may accidentally select the important data such as memorable photos, videos file, audio file, important documents, etc. from it and then click on “delete “button. As a result of this the data may deleted or loss from LaCie external drive.
  • Unintentional Format: Formation of LaCie external drive either intentionally or accidentally, while formatting any hard drive partition with the intention of removing some other drives that contains unwanted files.
  • Virus Infection: Data of LaCie external drive may get corrupted due to virus infection such as spyware or malware. You can download third party antivirus software to protect your data in LaCie external hard drive as well as your system.
  • Data Transfer Interruption: Data loss cam takes place while transferring file from LaCie external drive to computer or vice versa, due to abrupt system shut down, abrupt removal of external drive form computer and so on.

Apart from the above scenarios, there are few more reasons such as data loss by using “Shift + Delete” combination key, using command deletion, etc. that may lead to deletion of data or loss from LaCie external hard drive. At this horrible situation, Recover Deleted Partition Software is help you to recover data from LaCie external drive without any complexities.

Excellent Features of Deleted Partition Recovery Software:

  • Recover Deleted Partition Software is the reliable and effective tool which can effectively restores data from LaCie external hard drive with utmost ease.
  • With the help of this software, you can easily perform deleted partition recovery from the LaCie external hard drive partition on different versions of Windows and Mac Operating System like Windows XP, Windows7, Windows 8, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion Mountain, etc.
  • This software has operative scanning algorithm to scan the LaCie external hard drive effectively and find all the data delete or loss from it.
  • This application is also used to restore data from different types of file system such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, and ExFAT in an effective way. If you want to know more details about this topic, visit this page.
  • It provides best user friendly interface to recover different types of file such as video clips, important documents, PPT files, etc. from LaCie external drive within a few steps.
  • This software provides a preview option to view the recovered data prior to restoration within few mouse clicks.

How to Recover Deleted Files

Nowadays, computer users are increasing in high proportion. Most of us store all our crucial files in system hard drive itself. Users also used to store these files in storage devices such as USB drives, pen drives, memory cards such as SD, SDXC, MMC, CF etc. The stored files may be personal or official, but if you lose these files it will always hurt you.

Here are two of the most common situations of file deletion. First one is, if you delete some files by using delete option. In this case you can easily get back your data using restore option because deleted files will be residing in Recycle Bin. In this scenario you can get back your deleted files easily. The second case is, if you delete files and folders using “Shift + Delete” option the file will bypass Recycle Bin i.e. the file is permanently deleted from your system, here the problem arises.

In such circumstances, there is no need to be worried. You can recover deleted files from system hard drive or any other external storage devices by the use of efficient software named File Recovery Tool. This tool can perform missed or deleted file recovery with extreme ease by following few simple steps.

Reasons for deletion of files:
• Bypassing Recycle Bin: If the memory of deleted files on the Recycle Bin exceeds more than 7 to 10 percent memory of the system hard drive then the files deleted will bypass the Recycle Bin.
• Malware or virus attack: If the drive is infected with viruses then it will not allow the drive to function properly and this will lead to the deletion of files from the drive.
• Interrupted data transfer: Sometimes, you may be transferring data from external storage devices to your system. If the transferring process is interrupted due some reasons such as sudden system shutdown or improper removal of the external storage device this will cause loss of data.
• Accidentally choosing “Delete all” option: Most of the digital devices are having an option called “Delete all” option, while accessing those devices you may mistakenly choose that option this will delete all files and folders.
• Formatting: Sometimes you may format the system hard drive in order to increase system performance if you do that without taking backup, you may lose your valuable data.
• Re-partitioning failure: Any sort of interference during the repartition of the system hard drive like power surge or system reboot will lead to deletion of partition, this can cause bulk amount of data loss.
You can overcome the above mentioned scenarios with the help of File Recovery Tool. This software can recover deleted files stored in system hard drive or any other external storage devices such as flash drives, SSD, external hard drive, memory cards etc.

Features of File Recovery Tool:
• By using this application you can recover deleted files on different versions Windows and Mac operating systems.
• This utility can get back data from storage devices with different file systems such as FAT16, NTFS, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS+, HFSX etc.
• This application can retrieve video, audio, documents of all major file formats.
• This software can be used to undelete files from external storage devices like removable hard drive, iPods, SD card, SDXC, SDHC memory cards, Pen drive etc.
• This application provides you preview option that helps you to verify recovered files and if you are satisfied with the results obtained from demo version, then you can purchase the software.
• This tool offers you “Save Recovery Session” option so that you can resume recovery without scanning the drive again and again.
• It provides 24X7 technical supports via e-mail and live chat to resolve user queries quickly.

Ultimate Program to Repair Corrupt or Damaged Video Files

Video are used in learning, teaching, marketing, entertainment and many other fields to transfer messages in simple way to the viewer.Nowadays most people having cameras or camcorders can make videos by their own. Due to its importance, we store videos in our personal computer or other electronic gadgets, so that we can access it whenever we want. Nowadays there are various media players, which are eligible to play various types of video files.

Sometimes you may face the problem with corruption of video files stored in your PC due to known or unknown reasons. If corrupted video is related to any movie or songs then you can easily take it again from your friends or from internet, but if it belongs to you i.e. like it is video of any ceremony organized in your home, its most mournful situation. As this video contain beautiful moments with your friend and relatives,

If you are in such problem then do not get worried, now there are many utilities which claims to repair corrupted videos. However, without using you don’t know how much effective they are. As your videos are very important, you should not take risk by opting any video repair software. It is always better to choose a reliable tool, which can repair your videos with high accuracy. Video Repair Software is one of the most widely accepted video repair tool that is capable of repairing all corrupted video files with great ease. The best thing of this software is that, it is read-only utility, which ensures there will not any further corruption on your original video file. It reads the corrupted video file, and generate new repaired video file.

Causes behind Corruption of Video files

Interruption While Downloading or Moving: If there is any interruption in internet connection while downloading vide can leads to corruption of the same. Similarly while transferring video file from one storage device to another. Abrupt removal of any of the device will result in corruption of the file.

Recording at Low Battery: Recording video while camera indicating low battery is one common reason for the corruption of video files.

File Format Conversion:  if you are trying to change the format of video file repeatedly, it may corrupt the video file.

Unreliable Recovery Tool:  There are many recovery tools, which recover data after deletion, an unreliable recovery tool may corrupt your video file while recovery process. There you can use Video Repair Software to repair video file.

Other Reasons: Despite of above mentioned causes there are more causes which may lead to video file corruption like virus attack, header file corruption, opening video with unsupported media player, abruptly shutting down of system or abruptly termination of media player while accessing video file, etc.

In any of above mentioned scenario Video Repair Software will help you to repair corrupted videos in simple and secure way.

Characteristics of Video Repair Software

  • It is fast and powerful tool, which is able to repair all corrupted video files of various format like MOV, MP4, MPEG, AVI, etc.
  • It is capable enough to repair large video files recorded from all popular cameras like Canon, Samsung, Sony, Fujifilm, Nikon and many more.
  • It has automatic repair option, which separates the audio and video stream and adjoins them to create new healthy video file.
  • Repairs corrupted video files that are damaged due to cameras having y firmware.
  • Application allows user to preview the repaired video file before restoring on the disk.

Migrate Outlook Calendar from Outlook 2003 to 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is an updated version of Microsoft’s popular personal information manager software. Outlook 2007 is primarily used for email, but it also offers a calendar, task manager and contact manager. Among various attributes of Outlook, calendar plays important role, as it keeps the remainder of upcoming events, appointments, meetings, conferences, important dates, etc. Outlook 2007 is one of the renowned first version of the software updated to match the new look of Windows that debuted with Vista. Compared to Office 2003, the 2007 version is more reliant on graphics and colors to organize messages.

After updating Outlook from 2003 to 2007, you may not be able to access calendar entries. This problem is mainly due to the difference in registry entries of both versions. Due to this migrating, calendar entries will become necessary. In such cases, it will be helpful if you take a backup and then you can migrate outlook calendar from Outlook 2003 to 2007. Taking backup in a manual way is difficult, so you can take backup of Outlook 2003 calendar using a reliable tool called Outlook Migration Software and then move calendar from Outlook 2003 to 2007 with great ease and accuracy.

Features of Outlook Migration Software:

Outlook Migration application is designed by experts with great knowledge in programming that helps to migrate Outlook calendar from Outlook 2003 to 2007 by following few simple steps. You can use to recover Outlook files that might be deleted or corrupted due to virus attack, abrupt closing of Outlook, etc. Using this program, you can easily transfer all the Outlook attributes from 2003 to 2007.

Suppose if you want to upgrade your Windows 7 to Windows 8 Operating System, data present in Windows 7 will be completely lost after installing new OS. The created backup will help you to migrate outlook information’s. Outlook Migration Software can not only import calendar from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007, but it also helps you to migrate other attributes of Outlook like tasks, signatures, journal, notes, etc from the created backup.

The software has built-in Scheduler that helps you to backup Outlook data automatically as per the scheduled time. You can also compress the backup archives using backup techniques in order to save the drive space. If the destination disk does not contain enough space to allocate the created backup archive, then the software splits the archive so that it matches the storage space available on the drive. Where as you can also secure your backup with passwords. You can easily migrate Outlook calendar from Outlook 2003 to 2007 and can also move the MS Outlook settings by using Outlook Migrate Software. With the help of this utility, you can also import Outlook  PST to other Outlook versions such as Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 etc.

Safety Measures:

  • Use reliable antivirus software on your system to avoid virus attack
  • Follow proper methods while performing any tasks on Microsoft Outlook Application
  • Always keep backup of Outlook data with you

Find an Easy Way to Repair Encrypted Word Files

Microsoft Word is a powerful word processor that allows users to create, edit and save documents. Spelling and grammar check, speech recognition, tables and graphs, embedding pictures on documents, text level and page level features, customized printing, etc. are examples of some of the powerful features of MS Word. DOC, DOCX are some of the file name extensions of MS Word. One requires to have MS word program to open files having this extensions. MS Word is available as a part of Microsoft office suit as well as a stand-alone Product. It is available both in windows and Mac operating systems.

Encryption of a word document is much a required task to prevent unauthorized opening and editing of MS Word files. It can prevent printing also. Anyone can encrypt his/her document using a strong password. But in some situations your password protected Word document may get corrupt because of different reasons. When you try to open that file an error message will be the result. It may be like this, ‘The Word file which you are trying to open is corrupt’. What will you do in such a situation? Do you know how to repair encrypted word document?

If you don’t have any idea to overcome such a situation, just go through this article. This article describes about a fantastic tool called Word Repair Recovery which is intended for repairing encrypted Word document with ease. This tool offers complete document repair produced by all major versions of Microsoft Word. The advanced scanning algorithm of this software performs a vigorous scanning of corrupted Word document within minutes and repair the document in the best possible manner.

While discussing about the corruption of encrypted Word documents, you may come across various hardware and software factors that influences it. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons behind encrypted word file corruption.

  • CRC error: This usually happens when you download a file from internet. CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) is conducted to examine whether there is any mismatch between original file and downloaded file. If there is a mismatch, it may lead to corruption of Word file even if it is encrypted.
  • Round Tripping: It is a process of converting the file extension of a file into another format then reconverting back to its original format. Repeated Round Tripping process may result in corruption of Word file.
  • Errors in Upgrading: Errors which happen while upgrading MS Word program, may also result in corruption of some important Word files irrespective of whether is it encrypted or not.
  • File Header Corruption: A macro virus is a harmful program that alters or replaces a macro, which is a set of commands used by programs to perform common actions. These macro viruses can infect Word files as well as other applications. Such an infection may lead to the damage of document file header as well.
  • Improper Termination of MS Word program: While accessing important documents, MS Word program can be terminated improperly due to abrupt system shutdown. It may lead to the corruption of such documents which had been working on.
  • Errors in Transfer: Any interruption that happens while transferring of an encrypted Word file form one storage device to another, can corrupt the Word file.

To overcome the scenarios described above, you have to properly maintain your Word files. Always save the encrypted Word files in secure locations is a good preventive strategy. Assume, even after taking precautions, your Word file get corrupt. Don’t worry. Word Repair Recovery tool gives the exact answer to the question how to repair encrypted word document using its powerful repair engine in easy steps.

Word Repair Recovery Features

  • Word Repair Recovery supports both DOC and DOCX files.
  • This software fix encrypted Word files for an number of Windows operating systems such as Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.
  • This software is 100% safe and read only. It doesn’t make any change to the original Word file. It only reads the contents from original file and a new, healthy file is created.
  • Once scanning is completed to repair corrupt file, you can preview that file before attempting recovery.
  • This software repairs text level and page level formatting errors. It also helpful for fixing errors embedding OLE objects in Word files and hyperlinking errors in Word files.

Easy Way to Retrieve Missing Zip File

ZIP is a file format of a compressed file that supports lossless data compression. It contains one or more files or folders in a compressed format. Generally, this kind of files used to save memory in disk and you can easily send a group of files over internet using different applications such as Gmail, Yahoo, and other file sharing apps. In addition, it drastically reduces e-mail transmission time and even allows you to encrypt private data, helpful when sending such data over internet.

“Recently I have created a zip file to send our manager which contained many word doc files along with PPT, which I stored in a local drive of system. However, I have lost them accidently while deleting unwanted zip files system. In addition, I do not have original file restore since I have deleted them as soon as I created a zip files. Those lost zip files are very crucial to me and not getting how to recover them. In addition, I do not have enough to time to recreate them since it takes a lot of time. Can anyone assist me in recovering lost zip files from system?”

You can easily restore deleted files from system by visiting Recycle Bin there you can find all deleted files on system if you have used only delete button to delete them. Suppose if you have deleted files using shift+delete button then deleted zip files bypass Recycle Bin and deletes from hard drive memory. However, still you no need to worry; because you can easily restore them with the use of best data recovery application called Office File Recovery. This application can easily restore lost zip archive files from system and other storage devices in a couple of minutes. It can also capable to restore other compressed file formats includes .tz, .gz, .rz, .7z, etc.

Is simple to restore shift+deleted zip files from system?
Of course, with the use of efficient file recovery software because whenever you delete any using shift+delete keys on system, deleted file bypass Recycle Bin and deleted from hard drive memory. However, its access pointer removed from table, but data remains in hard drive memory unless data overwritten process happens. So that in this situation if you have employed file recovery software which will scan your drive and recovers all lost zip files from system in a couple of minutes on both Windows and Mac systems.

List of other reasons behind loss of zip files

  • Formatting hard drive: Formatting a system is a process of erasing all data stored in hard drive memory and allocating new memory blocks to store data freshly on hard drive. Suppose if you have formatted a drive accidentally then data stored in it will get loss.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin: IN computer, Recycle Bin is a folder which stores all deleted files and folders in system. Suppose if you empted the Recycle Bin accidentally then you will loss files if Recycle Bin contained deleted zip files and folders.
  • Interrupting file transfer process: You may also lose essential zip files from system while sending them to other USB devices if any interruptions occurred such as abrupt termination of system, sudden ejection of USB, etc.
  • Virus attacks: Your zip files may easily attack by virus threats when you store them in a infected devices and results in loss of zip files.

Note: whatever reasons behind the loss of zip files from system or any other device, you stop using that device for storing new files and folders and installing application, etc. Because these processes perform data overwriting process which results in loss of files permanently from hard drive.

Application essential features

  • User friendly, safe and secure application
  • Performs a quick lost file recovery process
  • Recovers all formats of zip files
  • Restores zip files lost from any storage devices
  • Recovers other file also include music, video, document, picture, etc
  • Displays all recoverable zip file on screen
  • Provides option to recover specific files quickly
  • Allows you to use demo version prior to buying the product
  • Provides Save Recovery Session to avoid rescanning of hard drive repeatedly
  • Recovers large sized zip files
  • Provides free technical service for customers via email and live chat applications

Precautionary steps to follow

  • Backup all essential zip files
  • Utilize UPS to avoid sudden system shutdown
  • Make use of antivirus program to kill virus threats


Recovering Photos from Mac Volumes

In computers that use Mac OS X operating system, you will store lots of photos and raw images on hard drive to keep them safe and available in future. Sometimes, you may find your pictures deleted or missing from your Mac computer in different circumstances. Basically it happens because of certain mistakes which you can make while editing, viewing or managing picture files on your computer hard disk. Additionally, photo loss is possible from different type removable storage devices like flash memory cards, external HDD, pen drives, iPods, memory sticks, FireWire devices, digital camera etc.

In case, you have troubled with such problem, don’t give up your efforts and try your best to recover pictures. Photo recovery Mac is not a big issues and can be carried effectively with the assistance of third party utility. Plenty of applications are there which can assist you in recovering lost/deleted pictures on Mac computers. Nikon Canon Photo Recovery Software is the simplest solution that helps you to perform photo recovery Mac on PC, laptops that are enabled with different type OS like Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, etc. Whether it’s about retrieving pictures that were deleted from SD card on Mac when camera was connected to the PC or restoring photos after formatting the hard drive volume, everything becomes too easy when you employ this tool.

By using this application, you can recover all kinds of photos such as .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .png , .nef, .cr2, .dng, etc that are captured from professional digital cameras. Above one is the most ideal recovery tool than others which provides you quick solution with enhanced result while restoring photos on Mac.

When you lose pictures from digital cameras or from Mac OS X computer?

  • Photos in Mac volumes may get lost if you don’t save backup before formatting your Mac computer hard drive volumes or other storage media in which photos are saved.
  • You cannot see your precious images on your Mac computer if the volume where pictures   are residing, gets inaccessible due to file system corruption, APM issues, Disk Management Utility failure, etc.
  • Accidental deletion or loss of hard disk volumes while managing them for various purpose may result in massive data loss. All files along with your pictures get lost from your Mac system.
  • Ejection of digital camera form Mac system when pictures are transferring can result in photo loss.
  • Photos in the Mac OS X system can be missing, if any interruption (like power failure, OS X reboot, ejection of drive) takes place while you are moving images from Mac system hard drive to any external drive.
  • When the Trash Can gets overflowed, then many files including your photos will get erased. Sometimes, you can also make the Trash empty without inspecting the Trash for essential pictures and finally get them erased.
  • Images can get deleted if you press “Delete all” button while previewing photos on your Nikon digital camera, iPod or any other device.
  • If you install any third party applications like photo editor, junk file remover, etc then it may deletion or loss of some pictures from your Mac hard drive.

What makes it possible to get back lost, deleted photos?

If you have lost your digital pictures from memory cards that are used in digital camera such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc, pen drive, computer hard disk or other storage devices and want to recover them on Mac OS X machine, give a try to a reliable application that is Nikon Canon Photo Recovery. This utility is specialized to retrieve any type of digital images from different cameras on Mac systems. Once you find that Mac image files have been successfully recovered by this tool, you can take advantage of preview option to view any restored picture. It facilitates you to make successful photo recovery Mac operation on various versions including Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks & Yosemite.

Some useful features of the software:

  • It will recover all kinds of image file formats and RAW images generated by professional digital camera efficiently.
  • It has a strong recovery mechanism that scans and recovers photos from selected drive in quick span of time.
  • This software supports photo recovery Mac from various type DSLR/SLR or digital cameras like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Samsung, etc.
  • You can recover photos from partitions that are having different type file systems such as HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32.
  • It helps in locating a particular folder that consist of images on the basis of creation date, extension of different types of image formats, name of the folder by using “Find” option in Mac.
  • It helps in recovering pictures from different types of camera memory cards for example, SD, microSD, MMC, xD, CF, SDXC, etc manufactured by Transcend, Sony, Lexar, PNY, Kingston and many others.

Professional Video Recovery Software for Recovering Videos

It will be so sad and verse condition if the climax of a Block Buster Movie is missed due to power loss or unexpected shut down. The same condition happened to me and the miracle was that the file itself is missing when the system is turned on the next day. The reason for the file loss is not yet revealed. Is there any way to recover my video file? It was the question in me which forced me to write this article. Today there are many who find their time pass in watching movie or any other videos in their lap tops, personal computer or even save the video files in different storage devices and most of them have faced similar situation in which the video file which they have not completed or not yet seen have been missed due to some reasons. It is the need of this new era for a video recovery software in order to  recover the lost video files, because videos have big effect in our day today life.

There are many video Recovery Soft wares that are meant for recovery of lost video files but which is the most appropriate tool that actually help us? We should be able to select the application that can face all the challenges of this modern world. It will be better to have a brief study on various reasons on which our video files can get lost:-

  • The main reason for missing of video file can be human errors like accidental formatting of the drive or we may have deleted the file by mistake
  • The video file can be lost due to virus attack, which may be infected from any storage device, internet or any local networks.
  • There is a chance of deletion of video files if storage device like pen drive or external hard disk is detached from the computer unexpectedly.
  • Sudden shut down of the system or power failure can result in deletion of video files
  • Corruption of hard disk or memory card during partition or repartition can become a cause for missing of video files

It will be better if all computer users have an idea of various data loss scenarios so that data loss situations can be minimized to an extent.

Video recovery software is used in case when a video file is lost from our system. We always prefer a tool which is more reliable, robust and user friendly. The recovery software should be such that it should not have limits in its operation. Here I like to opt Video File Recovery application which is most widely used tool which can recover your videos easily. The various features of the application attracts the user and meets the need of the user as video recovery software, some of them are listed below

  • The application is very quick that it can complete the entire scanning in limited time.
  • The application supports recovery of video files of any formats like avi, mp4, mpg, mpeg, 3gp,rm,3g2 etc
  • This video recovery software can retain the video files from external and internal hard disk, pen drive, memory cards, memory sticks and any storage devices. It can also be used for recovering digital videos from camcorder
  • The video file recovery application is brilliant enough to sort the recovered files on the basis of date, size and type.
  • The application allows resuming of the scanning process from a particular portion of the disk and in such a way it allows user to save time in scanning
  • This tool can perform on all versions of windows and Mac operating systems

The features of the tool reveal the user friendliness of the software. It covers all the challenges related to video file recovery.It will be good always if we back up out video files, so that even in case of data loss it can help in recovering the data without the help of third party application

Know Simple Way to Fix Corrupted Video Files

People like to capture the precious moments of their life using gadgets such as phone, camera, camcorder, etc. For someone creating video file is a habit and for some it is profession. Usually we create video files in order to revisit our past, especially some of the memorable moments which has some impact (significance) in our life. We usually used to store these videos in our storage devices. But sometimes it may happen that when we are trying to play those video files, an error message may pop up to tell you that the videos has got corrupted.

It is easy to store movies and videos that you have collected from others. But, the main problem occurs if video files get corrupted. As this kind of corruption happen need for video repair software arises. On internet you can find numerous video repair software. However, one of the best software is Video Repair Software for corrupted video file repair. This application scans your corrupted video file and recreates a new video file that has same characteristics of the original video file.

Video files can be corrupted by numerous reasons. A few of the frequently occurring one’s are detailed as follows:

  1. While recording any videos if the camera gets turned off then the recorded video files may corrupted.
  2. Due to virus infection video files may get corrupted. If the virus attack any video file in your storage device then multimedia player may not be able to play that video file / files.
  3. Improper ejection of external drive may cause of corrupted video files, i.e. while playing any video file from an external drive if you’re not safely ejecting it then it may cause of corrupt video file.
  4. While playing a video file on your computer, if you suddenly shut down the computer then it may damage the video file.
  5. While transferring the video files from an external drive to your compute or laptop’s storage device if you abruptly remove the external drive then it may lead to corrupt video files.
  6. Error while changing video file format is also another reason for corruption of video files. Suppose during the file conversion from MP4 to another file format any kind of error occurs then there is very high possibility that video file may get corrupted.

These are the main reasons why video files get corrupted. To overcome such kind of situation you should have backup system of important video files. Video Repair Software has special algorithm that can scan the corrupted video files and repair it for further uses. By using this software you can also preview the repaired files before it using. Without any difficulty you can use this software on different Windows and Mac operating systems to repair corrupted video files. Some of the popular video file formats that can be repaired by this utility are MOV, AVI, DIVX, XVID, MP4, etc. This software provides you an interactive interface that details you at every single step. One of the other advantage of using this tool is that it just reads your corrupted video file. This sophisticated software is applicable for any kind of video file format as well as compatible with almost all kind of camera brands like Nikon, Samsung, and Canon etc. for corrupted video file repair.

Precautions to Keep Video Files Safe:

  1. Check your camera’s battery before filming anything.
  2. Keep updating your antivirus to avoid attack from virus.
  3. Close the media player first if you want to eject an external hard drive.
  4. Always play videos on trustworthy media players

3 Most Important Steps To Restore Externally Connected Drive Files

It was few years back; I faced one of the crucial situations when I came to know what external hard disk recovery is. I was doing my documentation work on my personal computer by connecting an external hard disk to it and suddenly the system started to behave strange. The system got sudden shut down and re-started automatically but the great loss was that the few documents on which I was working on for last few days  got missing and i was totally tensed because  the files and documents on which I was working were very important and recreating of the same was such a hard job.

Recovery of files from externally connected HDD was the only method before me .This is not a unique case which I faced. External hard disks become popular in data transfer as it is a mass storage device which can store documents, audio files, video files, images etc and compact to be carried from place to place. There will be always some negative factors which hurt us, while there are many positive factors which help us in our day to day life.

USB HDD data recovery option is present before us when data stored in external hard disk drive got deleted or corrupted. External hard drive recovery can be performed on occasions at which data gets lost due to..

  • Accidental formatting of external hard disk drives due to careless response to system messages like “need to format external device”
  • Important files will be missing due to lost partitions or even re-partitioning of external hard disk drive may cause data loss.
  • There is a chance of data loss if the system to which external hard  disk drive is connected is shut down unexpectedly
  • Due to virus attack data present in external hard disk may get deleted or corrupted
  • There is chance of data loss from the external hard disk drive during the re-booting of the system to which external HDD is connected.

We often come through many such cases where external hard drive recovery becomes very essential and inevitable. Here I like to suggest that we should be updated in technology for selecting software to restore external hard disk files after corruption because there are many applications which are used to restore corrupted external hard disk files but which are not up to the mark and may not be able to recover all the files which are lost and which we need actually.

“HDD Partition Recovery” software is one of the most widely used application to recover deleted or corrupted data from external hard disk drives. I like to suggest this tool to all readers because it is very easy to use software which can recover the lost files that are deleted, corrupted or formatted.

How this application can be told as user friendly and easy to use application? Following points describes the user friendliness in the application which I have enjoyed.

  • The application is quick enough to scan and recover the files from any  external hard disk drive  despite of its size and brand
  • Whether it is a re installed windows, formatted partition or error due to partitioning, the “HDD Partition Recovery” is brilliant for external hard drive recovery
  • This software  is highly talented that it can recover files on the basis of size, file type and date.
  • “Save recovery session” option present in the application helps the user to save time during re-scanning of the externally connected drive.
  • Recovered folders and files can be compressed so that disk space can be saved and more data can be stored
  • “File type” view option present in the application help user to view recovered data on the basis of file extension.
  • Application allows user to view folders in hierarchical order using “Data View” option.

There are many more features that prove that , this software is an  efficient tool for USB HDD data recovery. The procedure for data recovery is very simple that it can be concluded within three steps,

Three main steps for recovery of data from external HDD:

  • Download and install the “HDD Partition Recovery” application. Connect your external hard drive to the same PC.
  • Launch the application and select among “Recover Files”, “Recover Drives” and “Recover Photos” option. Now select your physical drive which is externally connected to the system and need to be scanned to recover deleted / lost data
  • After completing the scanning process, this software will provide preview of recovered data. Now, you can save restored files to any desired location.

Many times, users choose a low quality external hard drive that gets damaged very and causes data loss unexpectedly when in use. So, before you go to own an external hard drive, look at some important characteristics which are really required to get a durable and efficient external hard drive.

Tool to Fix Errors in Video File

Most of the users usually store many video files such as MOV files, AVI files, MKV files etc. in their laptops and desktop computers and spend their free time by watching these videos. But, sometimes these video files gets corrupt due to some known or unknown reasons and when you try to open such corrupted video file you might end up with errors such as file could not open, file format not supported etc. This crucial situation will make you to become upset as you would have these videos as the means of entertainment in your free time. Most of the users might think that it is difficult or at most it is impossible to fix errors in video files. But, this is not the fact, you can easily fix errors in your video files with the service of Video Repair software.

Video Repair Software is the most trusted and powerful tool that has been specially designed with strong algorithms which helps in easy repairing of damaged video files on your system. Implementing this tool, you can easily fix errors in video files in few simple steps. All you have to do is just download and install the demo version of this tool and run the application. You can be able to view all the repaired video files randomly with the help of “Preview” option in the demo version itself. But, unless you purchase the licensed version of this tool, you can’t be able to restore the repaired video file on your system. Now, let us know the scenarios which cause video files corruption.

Scenarios which lead to the corruption of video files:

Virus attack: Most of the times you will encounter error message when you try to open your video files because of severe virus infection to them. Such a virus affected video files will become inaccessible or unplayable

Bad sectors: If there is any bad sectors on the hard drive where your video files has been saved then, it lead to the corruption of video files. Whenever you try to open such video files which are corrupted by bad sectors, then you will end up with error message

Power Outage: Sometimes, your video file will get damage due to sudden power outage while playing video file in the media player on your system. So, when you try to play such a corrupted video file next time i.e. after power supply comes back then, you will encounter error message like video file can’t open

Video file header corruption: Video file header holds information such as file type, file size, date, file name etc. Any corruption to this video file header will result in corruption of video file and hence when you try to open such corrupted video file, you will face error message such as video file not supported etc.

Interruption during video file transfer: Sometimes, your most important video file will get corrupt when there is any sort of interruption like abrupt removal of portable data storage medium etc. while transferring video files from system to device or vice versa.

Have you come across any of the above told scenarios and looking for an easy method to fix errors in your video files? If yes, then just make use of Video Repair Software to eliminate errors in your most favorite video files. It is such an amazing application that it performs the function of fixing errors in video files effortlessly in few seconds with the help of only few mouse clicks. Whatever may be the reason behind errors in video files, it can easily and quickly fix those errors in video files. This award winning tool comes out with outstanding features.

Outstanding features of Video Repair Software:

Video Repair tool has the capability of fixing errors in many video file formats such as MOV files, AVI files, MKV files etc. It can fix video file errors on different versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows 2000 etc. It even supports to fix errors in video files on all the latest versions of Mac operating systems like Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Yosemite and many more. It can effortlessly perform fixing of video errors on different hard drive types such as SCSI, IDE, SATA and PATA. Video Repair application can easily fix errors in video files on HFS +, HFS, NTFS5, NTFS, FAT16, Fat32 and ExFAT formatted hard drives. It supports different audio codecs such as RAW, mp4a and sowt. It even supports different video codecs like mjpeg, mp4v and avc1.

Video Repair program gives simple user interface so that even a new user can use this tool without any difficulty. Even after fixing errors in video files, the same video quality is retained as it is very secure tool. It comes out with demo version using which you can test the performance of the tool before purchasing the licensed version of this tool. It provides free technical support to its customers and so you can contact them whenever you need any technical assistance. It is cost effective and is robust tool. It supports on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers. It requires only nominal space of 50 MB free disk space for installation.

Note: Be careful while converting video file from MOV file to AVI and vice versa. Use proper method while converting the video file format to some other video file format

Deleted Picture Recovery from Nikon Coolpix i330

Recently I have lost beloved photos from Nikon CoolpixI330 which were captured during a holiday trip with friends, after accidentally pressing Delete All button while viewing them. Even I do not backup of those deleted pictures. So, what should I do now to restore those pictures? Is it possible for me to recover them? Is there any valuable solution to recover them?

Of course, you can recover all deleted photos from Nikon Coolpix1330 digital camera with the use of right photo recovery application like Nikon Photo Recovery. This application is very user-friendly in nature and specifically designed to recover deleted photo from Nikon CoolpixI330 digital camera on both Windows and Mac system.  It can restore all types of pictures such as JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIF, etc including raw pictures which are captured using various digital cameras.

How does this application recover deleted pictures from Nikon CoolPixI330?

When you delete pictures stored on Nikon CoolpixI330 accidentally or unintentionally, immediately deleted files disappears but not permanently from Camera memory device until and unless file overwritten process happens. In addition, their access pointers are deleted from table entry and makes allocated memory free to make available for storing new files. Hence, you cannot able to view or access deleted files but in this situation if you employ photo recovery application which scans your device thoroughly and recovers all deleted photo files on both Windows and Mac system in few simple steps.

What should I do after deleting files in order to recover deleted photos safely?

The moment you delete pictures from Nikon CoolpixI330 digital camera and stop further capturing photos and capturing on it. In addition, avoid transferring photos one memory location to other because all these activities make you to lose deleted photo files permanently from device. Instead, make use of this photo recovery application and restore all deleted photos easily.

List of reasons behind the loss of pictures from Nikon CoolpixI330 camera

  • Formatting SD card: At times, you may choose format option instead of choosing other option and end up with all photos stored on it. In addition, intentionally formatting the memory card when it is inaccessible will result in loss of photos.
  • Virus attacks: Consider you are running out of memory space to files in your Nikon coolpix1330 digital camera. In such situation, you may plan to move files to a system as a backup but if you connect a device to virus attacked system then threats can easily enter your device and makes all files inaccessible.
  • Low Battery: Sometimes you may attempt to capture video even though a device is showing low battery may result in inaccessible memory card later.
  • Inappropriate use: Ejecting the inserted memory card abruptly even though memory card is in use may result in loss of pictures stored in it.

All the above-mentioned reasons may result in loss of photos from Nikon CoolpixI330 digital camera. Similarly, if you have lost pictures from your camera due to any reason no need to worry; since lost pictures from digital camera can be easily recovered with the use of this application with safe and secure on both Windows and Mac system.

Special advantages of application are

  • Safe, secure and quickly performs deleted photos from Nikon Coolpix1330
  • Supports recovery of pictures from various brands of digital camera
  • Supports recovery of pictures from other storage devices
  • Supports recovery of pictures from various types of memory card
  • Recovers formatted, lost and deleted pictures from digital camera
  • Supports NTFS, NTFS5, FAT, FAT32 file system
  • Recovers JPEG, TIF, GIF, JPG, BNP and other raw file formats
  • Provides free tech support via email and live chat application for 24*7 hours
  • Supports recovery of photos from various types of hard drive such as SATA, ATA, PATA, SCSI and IDE, etc
  • Displays all recoverable files in File Type View and Data View format

Caution: After recovering photos from inaccessible, corrupted or damaged memory card, do not save them on the same memory card. Instead, use any other  healthy storage device to store those restored pictures.  

Tips to follow:

  • Backup very crucial photos in various storage devices
  • Avoid capturing videos or photos when device is showing low battery
  • DO not insert virus infected memory in digital camera to store captured photos

Utility to Recover Recently Deleted Word Files

Microsoft Word is the finest word processing tool developed by Microsoft corporation. Nowadays, it is predominantly used around world to prepare office documents, project reports and so on. It has various file formats including images, animation, WordArt, Macros, etc. It enables user to express their thoughts in an organized manner and is mainly used in education, medical and banking domains. It does numerous tasks automatically and detects both spelling and grammar as user’s type. At times, even after keeping Word document in a secure way deletion takes place and this in turn leads to an irritating moment. In such cases, users need to have patience to deal with Word document deletion situations.

Let us look at a scenario, which explain how users delete Word document:

Hi, I am making use of Word 2007 version of MS Office since past 6 months on my system and by means of which I have created several Office documents, project reports, etc. One fine day I planned to upgrade it to recent edition i.e. 2010. During this process, I accidentally some DOC files from my system. Later on, I attempted to open the “Backup” to restore removed Word documents but word document is missing in backup files. Now I am in problem, can anyone help me to get back recently deleted Word document?  

Well, this is how users delete Word document on their machine. If you are one among them, then don’t get upset and search for perfect documents recovery tools to undelete recently deleted Word document. Office File Recovery is among such tools to accomplish speedy recovery of recently erased DOC and DOCX files with utmost ease. In addition, it will restore Excel files, PowerPoint files, etc. from memory sticks, flash drives, FireWire drives, etc. It has the potential to retrieve various types of files according to their matchless signatures. In addition, it will fix damaged Word file and recovers text, formatted, OLE Objects including tables, charts, bullet lists and hyperlinks from fixed documents. This fully featured application is loaded with finest skills and features to retrieve Word file.

Frequently observable causes which result in deletion of Word files:

  • Accidentally emptying the Recycle Bin folder: After erasing Word files, you might see those Word files have been moved to Recycle Bin folder. In case you unintentionally empty Recycle Bin folder, then this incidence might result in permanent loss of Word documents from Windows 7 system.
  • Using Shift + Delete command: MS Word files get delete using Shift + Delete key combination, bypassing the Recycle Bin folder and result in permanent loss of Word documents from the respective computer.
  • Third party tool: Microsoft files can get missing from stored place as a result of malfunctioning of some third party software. Generally when Word files deletion by third party tool takes place then files get surpassed over the Recycle Bin.
  • Other causes like Word files deletion from Command Prompt, removal of big documents header, MS Word application failure, etc. leadss to Word document deletion.

It is a full package with many promising features, with the help of which you are able to achieve efficient recently erased document. It is packed with superior data recovery techniques that do detailed scanning of whole hard disk for recovering missing or deleted Word files. Its user friendly interface will assist you to use it on all latest releases of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 Server 2003 and Server 2008. This eminent utility provides you an offer called “Save Recovery Session” to avoid rescanning of HDD in future. Along with Word documents, it will retrieve audio, videos, emails RAR and Zip files.  Soon after recovery process, you can see recoverable files in two views: file type view and data view. Furthermore, it retains original file structure of Word file.

Adding this utility will lets you to save the recovered documents on all storage devices. It is capable to retrieve recently deleted Word documents from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file system based drives. You are able to refine the search as per type of files using an option””Select File Type” by means of which you can select the kind of file as Word file and search only for those. You can judge the performance of this tool before buying the product using the demo version. If you are OK with the results, then buy the full version. Finally, you can Zip and compress files and documents.

Safety measures:

  • Always install and make use of updated antivirus tool to remove viruses or malware
  • You can enable “Auto Save” option to minimize the possibilities of Word document
  • Always keep necessary backup of needed files to restore it after document loss

Software for Recovering Data from Seagate Freeagent

FreeAgent is an external hard drive designed and manufactured by Seagate. It is used as a portable data storage device and the maximum data storage capacity is 2 Terabytes. Most of the users prefer to use this device because of its portability and high data storage capacity. Like other data storage device FreeAgent also prone to data loss from it due to various reasons which you come across later. This article will help you how to recover deleted or lost files from Seagate FreeAgent.

There are various reasons which lead to loss of data from the data storage device like Seagate FreeAgent. Some of the scenarios wherein the files will get delete from this device are:-

  1. Accidental or unintentional deletion: While removing unwanted and unused files from the device you may accidentally select some important files from it. Then it will result in deletion of those important files from the device.
  2. Formatting the device without backup: Whenever you format your Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive without taking backup of files stored in it then the files stored in it will be deleted.
  3. Virus attack: When your Seagate device is affected by deadly virus then your files stored in it will be lost from it. Once you scan your device for virus with the help of updated antivirus application then the antivirus tool will automatically removes virus affected files which lead to data loss
  4. Removal of device from the system during data transfer process: If you abruptly remove your external hard drive while data transfer process is taking place in between computer and external hard drive then it will result in deletion or loss of data from Seagate FreeAgent device.
  5. Sudden power outage: Unexpected shut down of the system due to power failure while accessing files from Seagate hard drive then it may result in deletion or loss of files from the device.

Have you lost data from your Seagate FreeAgent hard disk and worried a lot to retrieve files from it? If yes, then don’t worry: It has become very easy to retrieve deleted files from Seagate FreeAgent hard drive with the help of some trusted third party software. Seagate FreeAgent Recovery is one such third party software to recover deleted files from the device. It has the capability to retrieve deleted files very quickly just within few seconds very easily. All you need to do is just download the trial version of the software and run the application on your computer. Once you satisfied with the result then go for licensed version of the tool to recover all the deleted files on Seagate FreeAgent hard drive. This tool comes out with the unique features which are very useful for the users.

The most prominent features of Seagate FreeAgent recovery application:

This program has the capacity to perform data recovery from freeAgent hard disk on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2003 etc. It has the capability to retrieve over more than 300 different file types which include image files, Video files, audio files, PowerPoint files, animations and games, PSD, PDF, Word documents and many more file types. Seagate FreeAgent Recovery application can even retrieve the files from the formatted external hard drive and has the capability to recover files from different data storage devices like SD cards, external hard disks, MMC cards, memory cards, thumb drives, flash drives etc. It can get back all the deleted files from FreeAgent Desk, FreeAgent Go, FreeAgent GoFlex, FreeAgent Xtreme etc. It has the capacity to retrieve deleted files from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 formatted hard drives and it can even recover lost files from Seagate FreeAgent on different types of hard drives like SCSI, IDE, SATA, PATA etc. The recovered files can be sorted on the basis of file name, file type, file size and date. To save the disk space all the recovered files can be compressed to different compression levels and also the recovered files can be saved to other data storage devices like DVD, CD, pen drive, memory card, SD card etc.

Other Features of Seagate FreeAgent Recovery tool:

This application is digitally signed and is completely free from virus and malwares. The program is specially designed with strong programming code and powerful scanning algorithms which helps in making recovery of deleted files from FreeAgent hard drive extremely easy and fast. It is very much cost effective tool and is available at very less price in the market. It is very robust software and also it provides free customer support at any time whenever they need any assistance for handling this application. It provides very simple user interface so that anyone can handle this software without any difficulty. It provides free demo version and you can view the recovered files with the aid of “Preview” option in the trial version only. You can save the recovery process with the help of “Save Recovery Session” option in order to avoid rescanning of the drive once you go for licensed version of this program. You can resume with the saved process with the help of “Open Recovery session” option after purchasing the tool.

Important Notes to Remember:

You might have come across one of the most famous proverb “Prevention is better than cure”. So, to prevent deletion of files from Seagate hard disk follow few simple notes while using the device.

  1. Use power backup utility like UPS to avoid sudden shut down of the system while accessing files from Seagate FreeAgent hard disk.
  2. Do not abruptly remove your Seagate hard disk from the system while data transfer is taking place in between the computer and the device
  3. Update the antivirus application and scan your device regularly with the help of it
  4. Take the backup of all the files stored in Seagate hard drive before going to format it.
  5. Once the memory of the FreeAgent hard drive is full don’t try to overload it with some more data.

Get Back Data from Failed Dell Hard Drive

By using the laptop you are able to keep your whole work along with you anywhere, there are various laptop brands are available in market but amongst these all Dell is market place dominating brand which builds the notebooks computers for home and also for office users. Disk drive is essential and also important component that is responsible to store the info. Hard drive can contain each of the business files, individual files like photographs, contacts, account files, etc. somehow there may be possibility of Dell disk drive failure which is discovered by various unlucky reasons.

Sometimes you may face the problem regarding disk drive is fail to load or corrupt the disk drive. This above situation will be the most catastrophic situation because hard drive can contain crucial files and folders which may be the priceless data to any user. It will be very hard to face this challenge but you should not worry because you’ll be able to recover data from failed Dell hard drive by recovery tool called as hard drive Recovery Software, this efficient tool contains the potential to bring back the whole data from Dell hard drive which is failed to boot. The disk drive may fail to be able to load or get corrupt on account of various reasons. To know additional about Corsair flash voyager data recovery simply click here:

Causes of Dell Hard Drive Failed to Boot:

  • Operating System Crash: damaging or fatal crashes the Operating system is one of the main reason which leads to dell hard drive failure. When operating-system on dell computer or computer crashes or does not boot which is brought on by system file corruption.
  • MBR Corruption: Master boot record is responsible to store all the details like file program, boot time of Dell hard drive. Once the MBR becomes corrupted then it is going to lead to Dell hard drive failure, severe virus attack is major reason which corrupts the MBR.
  • Drastic Power Fluctuation: Frequent and sudden power fluctuation might create bad sectors on hard drive which result in Dell hard drive failure. This certain problem may cause inaccessibility to fetch the information from Dell hard drive.
  • Other Reasons: Types of other reasons which can be responsible to dell hard drive failure such since improper partitioning using alternative applications for repartitioning will eventually cause Dell hard drive failure.

It’s possible to avoid the dell hard drive failure by following some precautionary measures including avoiding use of any unreliable alternative applications. Keeping proper backup of data from dell hard drive. Always make use of inverter or UPS as being a secondary power source to prevent power fluctuation. Nevertheless, due to many unknown reasons your Dell hard drive may become fail to boot, then you should not get panic, as possible fetch the information from failed Dell hard drive.

Salient Features of Hard Drive Recuperation software:

Hard Drive Recovery Tool is sufficiently capable to get back the data from failed Dell hard drive. with the utilization of this award winning software you possibly can restore your data from Dell Hard disk which supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, EXFAT, HFS+, as well as HFSX file systems. It has the capacity to recover data from SCSI, IDE, SATA hard disk types. This efficient tool is compatible to perform retrieval operation on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 as well as Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, Mavericks Operating systems.

Restore data from deleted logical Partition

Partition is normally made on any of the Windows hard drive to save documents and folders in abundantly composed way. Legitimate part is known as isolating parcel into two or more segment. Hard drives are utilized to store information, at present hard drives are utilizing by a considerable lot of the individuals. Assume on the off chance that you are viewing film, listening melodies or get ready records then abruptly your system will degenerate in view of some inward issues, then you can’t see your information, each of the pre saved documents get to be unavailable. At that point don’t get excessively befuddled, just make utilization of this product to recuperate information from separate legitimate drives without any difficulty.

Keeping in mind the end goal to restore deleted logical hard drive partition, that contains paramount records, media documents and so forth, you require a dependable apparatus which can without much of a stretch restore information from consistent part. My Partition Recovery programming is one of the best instruments prescribed by specialists to restore the erased legitimate parcel and viably restore information in few mouse clicks.

There are a few situations that may cause information misfortune:

  • Accidental Deletion: Accidental erasure happens because of blocked off circle administration disappointment and may have encountered equipment disappointment, debasement or I/O blunders. Circle Management recovers data about the pointed out plate, including the measure of free space on the circle.
  • file System Corruption: There are different purposes behind document framework defilement that can result in loss of coherent part from hard drive. Some of them are sudden force disappointment and dishonorable framework close down and so forth, these sorts of issues can happen both in Windows and Mac OS.
  • Hard drive defilement: Hard drive debasement happen because of infection assaults, Operating System disappointment. This may cause erasure of coherent part.
  • Another scenario involves a disk-level failure, such as a compromised file system or disk partition, or a hard disk failure. In any of these cases, the data cannot be easily read.

With the utilization of My Partition Recovery, we can restore erased coherent partition for aforementioned situations and in every other situation that can causes intelligent part erasure. For more details about partition recovery click here:

Safety measures:

We need to take a few safety measures, so as to not to lose information from coherent allotment.

  • Use accepted Antivirus programming.
  • If you are utilizing portable computer, verify that it has completely charged or else it will close down naturally.
  • If you are utilizing PC utilize UPS. In the event that you utilize UPS when power off abruptly your PC couldn’t shutdown.


There are a few peculiarities with MY Partition Recovery:

This My Partition Recovery programming helps you recover information from erased coherent parcel. My Partition Recovery programming can be utilized for both Windows (Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2003) and additionally Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain lion and Mavericks) to recuperate erased sensible part. My Partition Recovery programming backings both 32 and 64 bit working frameworks. Fabricated –in profound examining calculation to discover and recuperate information from missing/erased Mac volume. This product has a progressed peculiarity called “spare recuperation session”, which is utilized to resume/sparing the recuperation process whenever amid the procedure running, abstain from rescanning your hard drive. . You can review recuperated records and organizers, other vital information before the information reclamation. Moreover, this instrument is sufficiently skilled to restore erased intelligent parcels from different stockpiling gadgets like outer hard drive, interior hard drive, USB drives and so forth. In this we have alternative to see recuperated information before saving it.