How recover email in Outlook

MS Outlook is the most widely used email application in the world. It stores various attributes like email messages, to-do lists, contacts, tasks and scheduling and many more. This application comes with MS Office package. It different version are available in market like Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. It provides several features such as instant email searching, flagging, categorizing and scheduling appointments.

Outlook use PST use file to store all its data. Now the question arises what is PST file? PST file stands for personal storage table. It keeps a record of all our personal data, a complete folder like inbox is stored as a single file in PST folder. Along with emails, it also contains other information like contact list, appointments and many more. Any corruption or damage to these PST files result in huge data loss. Loss can be any type either emails deletion or folders deletion.

In such situations if you have backup of your PST file, then will be good for you. You can easily restore you deleted emails other data attributes with the help of backup. But if you do not have backup then it will be a severe problem. If stuck in any such condition use Outlook PST recovery tool. Outlook PST email recovery is now became very simple with Outlook PST recovery tool.

Is it possible to restore deleted emails back? Is the most common question asked by Outlook users, to answer them I must say yes it is possible to recover your emails back. Because whenever you delete any email in Outlook or you empty your Deleted items folder, it is still possible to undelete emails.

Some common reasons for PST corruption are defined below:

  • Improper termination of Outlook can corrupts PST file
  • If there is a sudden power surge when you are accessing the PST files
  • Sharing of PST files between different networks, which are not secure
  • Other reasons are virus attacks, software or hardware malfunction, invalid registry values, network inconsistencies
  • Compacting the PST file also results in email deletion.

Scenarios which are responsible for email deletion:

  • Accidental or unintentional deletion of an email by using “Shift + Del” key combination
  • Emails also get deleted if the PST file reaches its size limit
  • Virus or malware attack on the PST file leads to file corruption which in turn results in email deletion

How to recover data from PST file?

It is possible to recover outlook PST file by using Outlook PST recovery tool. Outlook PST Recovery tool is sophisticated software which can recovery your entire Outlook item like contacts, journals, attachments, tasks, notes, calendar. It helps you in recovering all your deleted emails. To recover your deleted or lost emails you just need to download its free demo version from internet.


  • Make use of an updated antivirus program to combat deadly viruses
  • Backup your PST file regularly in order to compensate for data loss
  • Do not exit Microsoft Outlook improperly
  • Make sure your PST file size doesn’t reach its size limit
  • Exit the MS outlook before you try to repair