How to recover deleted mp4 songs on Flash memory

External hard drives are the most widely used storage devices in the present days. The plus point of these storage devices are that they are portable and can be easily mounted on various electronic devices. There are different varieties of storage devices which come under the category of removable hard drives like external hard drives for computers, pen drives, Flash memory cards for cameras, etc.

The memory cards used in cameras stores all media files i.e. photo files, video clippings and audio files. Assume that you have accidentally deleted all the photo collection that was residing on the flash memory. Now given chance the deleted photos can be recovered back using photo recovery software only if the drive is not overwritten. Because when you delete any data from the memory card the data is not deleted for sure. The data is still present on the device but cannot be accessed i.e. the file allocation table of the data will be erased so that the memory could be used to store new data. So whenever you delete any data from the memory cards stop writing or storing new data on to it and try using recover flash software.

Most of the times you lose data files from the memory cards because of various reasons and some of them are listed below:

  • Accidental Deletion: If you accidentally delete some of the photo files from SD card of your camera when it is connected to the computer, then those files will bypasses the Recycle Bin. Hence data is lost.
  • Sudden removal of the drive: If you eject your memory card directly without closing all the files present on it then you might lose data from the memory.
  • Format Error: “The Drive X: is not formatted, do you want to format it now”. This error message may pop up as soon as you connect your removable drive to the system. This forces you to format your drive before usage and hence results in data loss.
  • Due to Power Failure: If power failure occurs while transferring data from your external drive to PC then it results in data loss from your memory card.
  • Virus Attack: If you connect your external drive to the system which is infected by virus then it might corrupt all the files on drive that results inaccessibility of the files.

No matter whatever the reason for the data loss, the recover software can retrieve all the lost data from the external hard drive if it is not overwritten with any new data. The software easily recovers lost data from flash memory and also recovers all media file types. The features of this recovery software are here:

  • Recovers all the lost/deleted videos, photos from different memory cards.
  • Successfully recovers all the media files which are accidentally deleted.
  • Completely retrieves the lost photos and other media files from formatted memory cards and pen drives.
  • Proficiently recovers all the digital media formats of flash memory cards.
  • Recovers all the media files from SD cards lost because of abrupt connectivity.

The software can be used to run on different operating systems. It supports both Windows and Mac OS and different versions of both operating systems and easily recover deleted mp4 files sd card. If you are facing the same problem i.e. lost or deleted any videos from your memory card and searching a best way to get rid of the data loss, then you can try this software. It is easy to extract your lost data through this recover utility. Download the demo version, use it to recover your data. If its efficiency is good and effective then you can go for complete software.