Simplest way to recover photos from storage media

With the increase in the popularity of electronic gadgets demand and usage of various storage devices also increases. One such popular data storage device is memory card which is used in variety of digital devices like video cameras, mobiles, iPods, handycam and much more electronic devices. Memory in the digital camera saves files of different types including music files, video clips; pictures etc. There are various forms of memory card available in market like SD card, CF c, SDHC, SDXC, MMC card and many more.

Now-a-days, these memory cards are employed on heavy scales and therefore the probability of memory card corruption is more. The data within the storage device contains different files and source to corrupt those files varies. This might make you to suffer huge loss of important data stored in it. But there’s no need to worry, it is possible to solve this kind of problem by making use of card recovery tool. This tool can recover photos from varieties of data storage devices like memory card, digital cameras, USB flash drives, hard drives, pen drives etc.

The data recovery is achievable because if you delete any file from memory card or any other data storage device it is not actually deleted however it will be present on the same memory slot. Simply the file pointer containing the address of particular file is removed, it means data remains intact in the drive but you are unable to access it. After losing the data from memory card avoid using your drive to store new data because it will overwrite the old data and the file recovery becomes impossible. So after coming across such situation just try card recovery software which will allow you to recover your deleted data back just in few basic steps. There are numerous other reasons for loss of data which you might face in your future while using the storage devices.

Common reasons behind data loss:

  • Ejection of memory card or any other storage device without switching off the digital camera.
  • Corruption of file system due to virus or spyware attack.
  • Connecting the storage device like SD memory card to a virus infected system results in corruption of memory card leading to loss of data.
  • Improper shutdown of the computer may also delete some of the files saved in the memory card.
  • Any type of interruption while transferring file from computer to memory card or vice versa.
  • Formatting or reformatting the memory card intentionally or by mistake cause data loss.

After going through any of the data loss scenarios don’t use your storage device to add new data and then try Card recovery tool which is highly recommended by industry experts. This utility also helps you to recover images deleted from SD card because of some unexpected reason. This software supports data recovery from both Windows and Mac based systems. This tool can be used to recover different image file formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, RAW, TIFF etc. It will also help you to restore data from formatted or reformatted partitions and you can preview recovered stored pictures by making use of “Preview” option.

Click here if you want to use the trial version of the software and install it on the hard disk of your system. Now open the application by double clicking on the desktop icon and select appropriate recovery options which you face while using the software. When the process is finished you can evaluate the results and if you are pleased with the results you can purchase its full version available on the internet.